Book review – Treeshallow Musings (english)

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Découvrez l’avis « 100% British » de Kat Wells de la traduction anglaise de mon livre de SF humoristique « Le Tour de l’Univers en 10-43 seconde » 😀 ! / Check out the Kat Wells’s 100% British review about the english translation of my scifi humorous book « Around the Universe in 10-43 second » :-D!

What I really enjoyed is that the narrator is treated as a character, and as they directly address you to explain the details of how things work, there is a lot of fourth wall breaking going on. This made all the info dumping (there’s lots of space-time continuum, pandimensional and 5th dimension explanations) actually relevant and interesting, and didn’t interrupt the flow of the narrative (because a narrator can’t really interrupt themselves, I suppose…).


The original review here: Book review: Around the Universe in 10 -43 Second by Manu Breysse

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